Bull Terrier Barrister figurine

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Description: Robert Harrop Designs in Shropshire creates highly imaginative ceramic figurines, and is particularly well known for its anthropomorphic animal designs. The Bull Terrier Barrister is one of three new legal figures. It is approximately 6 inches tall, handpainted. All Harrop figurines are made in England. The process is as follows: *Harrop's designers first create a wax model of their new design. *A mould maker encases the wax model in a silicone rubber block for the first mould. The master model is then cast from the block mould and any imperfections remodelled. After the master is approved, production moulds are made for casting. *The figurines are cast in a white ceramic resin which is designed to bring out every detail of the original design. After curing and fetting, the base of the casting is levelled.*The model is hand-painted.

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